American Montessori Society

Our Mission

Corte Madera Montessori, established in 1992, is devoted to the holistic education of children, placing equal importance on social, emotional, physical and academic growth.

We provide a positive and nurturing environment where we attend to the children’s needs, guide their interests, and encourage their developing abilities. Our Montessori approach fosters a joy of learning, supports independence, and enables creative exploration. 

We believe that children come to school with unique interests and strengths that should be recognized to create a personalized learning and development path for each child.

Our Mission


Our mixed-age classrooms are led by Montessori certified teachers. Many windows and sky lights fill the spacious hexagon classrooms with natural light. Each well prepared environment contains a full set of Montessori materials and reflects the core belief that children learn best through their own efforts. The role of the teacher is to link the children to the environment by group and individual lessons.

Pre-primary (toddler) Classroom: Age 2-3

Primary Classrooms: Age 3 – 5 (kindergarten program offered)

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The Classroom

Indoor-Outdoor Space

Each room has an attached outdoor area for seasonal gardening.

The large, well equipped playground and field provide plenty of room for twice-daily recess.

Indoor Outdoor Space